I’m Sophie Dannin, an artist and designer living and working in St. Louis, Missouri.


My design process is largely driven by the challenges that arise from using finite materials. The patchwork rug method I’m currently exploring eliminates the need for new textile production by making use of deadstock materials and carpet remnants. The colors I source are limited and I will never be able to make the same piece twice. Fabrication and design tend to happen simultaneously, resulting in patterns and themes informed by archaeology and earth sciences.

Custom Orders

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  • After unpacking, gently vacuum to fluff up the fibers and flatten the rug.

  • Spot clean as needed using a damp cloth with warm water.

  • Vacuum as needed using suction only, no bristles. 

  • To preserve the life of the rug, use a rug pad.


Various carpet remnants, fiberglass mesh, felt



    • 2’ x 5.5’
    • 1” pile

Candy Cloud

    • 2.5’ x 4.5’
    • 1.25” pile

Beans on the Moon

    • 2’ x 3’
    • 0.75” pile

Under a Rock

    • 3’ x 5’
    • 0.25” pile

Garden Door

    • 3.5’ x 7’
    • 0.5” pile

Deli Sandwich

    • 3’ x 4’
    • 1” pile

Draw A Line Around It

    • 2.5’ x 3’
    • 0.75” pile

Portal Runner

    • 2.5’ x 6’
    • 0.25” pile

Creek (on sale)

    • 3’ x 4.5’
    • 0.25” pile

Paying Attention Vinyl Sticker

    • 3”x3”
    • Waterproof vinyl w/ UV coating
    • Printed in St. Louis

Deep Sleep Vinyl Bumper Sticker

    • 8”x2”
    • Waterproof vinyl w/ UV coating
    • Printed in St. Louis

Human Behavior Vinyl Sticker

    • 5”x5”
    • Waterproof vinyl w/ UV coating
    • Printed in St. Louis

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